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  • Is you Mac running slow?
  • Are you running out of space?
  • Are you having Start-up Problems?
  • Do you experience Freezing & Crashing?
  • How about that spinning beach ball?
  • Have you lost your Internet connection?
  • Do your applications Unexpectedly Quit?
  • Are you having Network Problems?
  • Are you getting the best Speed & Performance?
  • Are you having Peripheral device Problems?
  • Do you have Syncing Problems?
  • Are iPhoto and iTune causing Problems?


  • Failed Power Supply - If your Mac refuses to turn on - or if it randomly shuts down, you may have a failing power supply.
  • Failed CD/DVD Drives - Install a replacement
  • Failed Hard Drives - Computer running slow? Hard Drive running out of space? Is it making a clicking sound?
  • Failed Memory - Bad Memory can cause erratic behavior.
  • Backup Drive
  • Data Recovery - If, by chance, you DO lose those important files—don’t panic. Usually getting them back is relatively quick and  easy. However, for more severe cases, we also offer DriveSavers data recovery at reduced prices. Click on the banner below for more information.


  • New Mac Setup
  • Smooth Migration From PC To Mac
  • e-mail, Contacts & Calendar Setup
  • iCloud Setup
  • Apple TV Installation
  • Printer & Scanner Setup
  • File Sharing
  • Memory Upgrades
  • Internet Speed Testing & Recommendations
  • Wireless Internet & Router Installation & Setup and Airport Express Installation To Extend Your Wireless Internet Signal
  • Mac Cleanup - System Cleanup & File Cleanup. This Recovers Hard Disk Space
  • Safe Operating System Upgrades, e.g; OSX Snow Leopard to OSX Yosemite
  • Backup Drive Setup - Time Capsule/Time Machine & Online Systems
  • Product Research & Recommendation

Software & Hardware Upgrades 

  • Memory Installation - Adding more memory (RAM) to your Mac can help increase its performance. Upgrading the amount of RAM in your Mac can result in a dramatic speed boost. Every program that you run uses RAM to operate. If there is not enough RAM, then things slow to a crawl. This is why it's important to give your programs as much RAM as you can for them to run properly. MacTroubleshooting Specialists will determine how much memory can be installed on your computer and install it for you.
  • Hard Drive installation and Data Transfer - A larger or faster Hard drive may increase the performance of your Mac. Especially if it is filling up with data. MacTroubleshooting Specialists can install a larger hard drive in your Mac and transfer all of your current data to it. With typical music and digital photo libraries, your hard drive may be filling up faster than expected. You will always experience better performance from an internal drive over an external drive. The Mac OS requires significant free hard drive space to run optimally. Upgrade your internal hard drive to enjoy the speed and flexibility that owners of brand new Macs have. Laptop owners can often upgrade their internal drives to avoid lugging around an external one. 
  • Software, Peripheral Installation and Data Backup - Keeping your Mac's Operating System up-to-date is important to keep up  with improvements on the software, bug fixes, and security updates. Most of the time an up-to-date Operating System will improve the reliability, security and speed of your computer greatly. MacTroubleshooting Specialists can install the latest Operating System for you and ensure that everything works as it should. We can also set you up with a data backup system by using Time Machine which is built into the Mac’s Operating System. 
  • Peripheral and Installation - Are you looking for a printer, scanner, wireless network system, or other peripheral? There are a ton of choices out there and sometimes it can be difficult to understand which product will best suit your needs and budget. Even if you do find something that you like, is it compatible with your current Mac and will you be able configure and install it? MacTroubleshooting Specialists can help you with what is out there and install it for you.