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Troubleshooting & Assessment
We will logically and systematically search for the source to the problem so it can be solved, so that your system can be quickly up and operational again. We can help (or teach you to) troubleshoot and solve those frustrating hardware and software issues that frequently take "hours" of technical phone support.

MacTroubleshooting Specialists
 should be your first stop for your non-warranty Mac, iPhone, and iPad repair service and support. Whether you have a crashed hard drive, failed power supply or bad memory… we'll get you back up and running.

Purchasing Advice
Our Mac service goes beyond troubleshooting and repair. Sometimes people or businesses aren't sure which Mac, Printer, iPhone or iPad to purchase. With our help, you can save time and money by choosing the right computer, software and peripherals that are best suited to your needs. We will even help you set it up and transfer your data. And if you’d like, we'll give you a lesson while we do it. Or we’ll simply take care of it for you. Contact us before you buy to make sure you are getting the right equipment for your needs. We will take the time to understand your specific needs and requirements and observe "how you use your Mac.” We can assess your existing setup and make recommendations to choose the right technologies without being swayed by marketing hype.

We will make sure that setting up your Mac, iPhone or iPad and the installation of software will not be overwhelming. We will make sure that all updates are current and everything works seamlessly with all your connected and wireless devices. We decipher cryptic instruction manuals and help you avoid the frustration of self-installation of your printer, determine which cables to use and make sure your wireless router is connected to your local Internet Service Provider.

Software and Hardware Upgrades
At some point it may be more cost effective to upgrade your Mac to get more life out of the Mac you already own, than investing in an entirely new system. This can be done by upgrading RAM, hard drives, software and more. We'll show you what is needed and install it for you.

Data Backup Solutions
Don't risk losing those important files on your Mac! You need to make sure you never lose those priceless pictures or valuable spreadsheets. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Disasters like the loss of photos happen more often than you think. All hard drives fail eventually, with an average life of 2-5 years. Avoid losing irreplaceable photos, videos, music, work files, and everything else. We can help you set up automated backup system, tailored to your needs, which gives you peace of mind without costing you a fortune. A reliable, easy to use backup system is key in preparing for an unforeseen catastrophic event.

Data Recovery
If, by chance, you DO lose those important files—don’t panic. Usually getting them back is relatively quick and easy. However, for more severe cases, we also partner with DriveSavers data recovery and can offer their services at reduced prices. Click on the banner below for more information.

Data Transfer
Do you need to transfer your data from an old Mac or PC to your new Mac? MacTroubleshooting Specialists can make sure all your files get moved to the right place so you're up and running with minimal inconvenience. We can also show you the nuances between the PC and the Mac so your transition is easy, undaunting and understandable.

Macintosh & PC Cross Platform Integration
You can use your critical PC applications on your Mac. All current Mac's can be configured to run Windows. Just ask us how.

We can improve your computer's organization which could help the overall performance and productivity with all devices - all tailored specifically for you.

Preventative Maintenance
We'll set-up a complete computer service maintenance routine to spot and fix problems before they become critical.

Has your Mac become sluggish? Do programs quit unexpectedly? Let us improve the performance of your computer.

Networks Set-ups (including wireless)
We can set up secure networks in your home or office that allows all of your computers to share files with each other, share printers and connect to the Internet. Even if you have a mix of PCs and Macs, we can help.

iPad, iPhone & iPod Support
You have this great device, but are you using it to its full potential? Perhaps you have questions about syncing your iPod, iPad or iPhone to your Mac. Maybe you want to get them on iCloud, but aren’t sure how. What is the Cloud? If you have any questions about using your Apple iOS devices, we can answer them!

Training and Tutoring
MacTroubleshooting Specialists
 can help you get the most out of your computer whether it is for email and searching the web, a specific application or streamlining workflow. If you want to truly understand what your computer can do for you or your business to make your life easier, more enjoyable, or more productive, then give us a call. We can even customize a lesson just for you… tailored around what you want to learn. We teach at your home or business, at your convenience, to provide a completely stress-free learning experience. We will deliver training on a personal basis or to your business for custom designed Employee Training in a classroom setting. We adapt to a wide variety of learning styles since everyone's situation is unique and learning style is different.

So learn the basics of your Mac from the beginning, understand the more advanced tips and tricks, or anything in between. We are patient and can work with a wide variety of learning styles.

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